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You're here because you've had enough of that frustrating feeling when you finish a chapter only to realize you can't recall a single thing you read few days later.

Well, guess what? You're in the right place for the ultimate solution, and your quest for better memory and enhanced learning begins here. 

Before you start, I want to share a few lessons i learnd about reading a book-especially a practicle one like this

  • There no rules to reading a book so feel free to read it in any way or order you want.
  • Skip the parts that are not relevant to you. No, you don't have to read a book cover to cover.
  • Highlight text and take notes to remember more.
  • Skimming a book before you read it can be beneficial . I often skim a book, so i can get a better understanding of what i shoud skip or focus on. Sometimges, I skip half of a book.
  • You only need one idea that can change your life. If a book gives you only one good piece of advice, It's already worth your time.


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